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Writer for Hire


Since starting out as a general assignment reporter, I've written on everything from the arts to water quality. I've done a lot of work in the following areas, so please click on the links to see sample articles.


Health Connect: Chippewa Valley Hospital Newsletter is an example of print and online newsletter writing for healthcare clients.

Investing In Your Diet is an example of a health-related article I wrote for general consumers.

Pharm. D. And Lighting a Fire is an article written for healthcare professionals.

What is causing this rash on my wrist? Making quality health care information accessible to the general public by writing for Medical News Today.

Arts Writing

Play Licensing De-mystified is an example of my arts writing for national publications.

Resource Guide - Soweto Gospel Choir was written for Madison’s Overture Center’s OnStage Student Field Trips.

Personal Finances - Articles written for CUNA (Credit Union National Association) and its members across the country

Financial Issues of Late-Life Divorce

The Dollars and Cents of Marrying After 60

Breaking Up: Your Finances in Legal Separation

General Interest

Is This Still Good? What Those Dates on Food Really Mean.

General Business

Wish You Could Fire Your Boss? is a general business article written for BIS, of Technovate, out of Toronto, Canada.

A Positive Approach to Office Politics is an article I wrote for print and online publication.

Human Resources

Hiring Right is from a series of website modules I wrote for a national organization.

Looking for Red Flags is from a monthly e-mail newsletter I wrote for hiring managers.

Work/Life Balance

Adapting for the Occasion and On Your Way, Not Going Away are two of the hundreds of work/life balance articles I've written for online and print publication.

Those Who Can, Teach is another article from PharmacyWeek.

Higher Education Marketing - Landing pages and email marketing

Five Strategies.

Student Learning Before the First Day

Environmental Issues

Public-Private Partnership, a press release, is one of the many pieces I've written on green topics. My writing has targeted the general public, children, decision-makers, farmers and builders.

Spring Cleaning Found Dangerous! is an example of my public relations work and environmental writing.


Rules of the Water I wrote the copy for this brochure all about what boaters need to know.

TAPIT/new works I wrote the copy, along with most of the plays promoted in this general awareness brochure.


Preschool of the Arts Modified Capital Campaign I researched and wrote the copy for this fundraising document, working with the organization's board of directors to implement the campaign.

Environmental Assets I researched, developed the program and wrote the copy for this initiative, which found the common ground between business and the environment.

Yahara-Monona Priority Watershed Plan I wrote this summary of a 10-year action plan for tackling non-point source water pollution.

Marketing/Sales Materials

Yahara Lakes Week An example of marketing for the public good, I initiated and implemented the creation of "Yahara Lakes Week," selecting several days in June as a time to focus public attention on area water quality issues. This is a portion of the poster used to promote the week.

Better Lawns and Gutters I wrote the title and edited the copy for this handbook for truly green household practices.

CONTACT: 608.244.2938

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