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Writer for Hire


Since starting out as a general assignment reporter, I've written on everything from the arts to water quality. I've done a lot of work in the following areas, so please click on the links to see sample articles.


Health Connect: Chippewa Valley Hospital Newsletter is an example of print and online newsletter writing for healthcare clients.

Investing In Your Diet is an example of a health-related article I wrote for general consumers.

Pharm. D. And Lighting a Fire is an article written for healthcare professionals.

Arts Writing

Play Licensing De-mystified is an example of my arts writing for national publications.

General Business

Wish You Could Fire Your Boss? is a general business article written for BIS, of Technovate, out of Toronto, Canada.

A Positive Approach to Office Politics is an article I wrote for print and online publication.

Human Resources

Hiring Right is from a series of website modules I wrote for a national organization.

Looking for Red Flags is from a monthly e-mail newsletter I wrote for hiring managers.

Work/Life Balance

Adapting for the Occasion and On Your Way, Not Going Away are two of the hundreds of work/life balance articles I've written for online and print publication.

Those Who Can, Teach is another article from PharmacyWeek.

Environmental Issues

Public-Private Partnership, a press release, is one of the many pieces I've written on green topics. My writing has targeted the general public, children, decision-makers, farmers and builders.

Spring Cleaning Found Dangerous! is an example of my public relations work and environmental writing.


Rules of the Water I wrote the copy for this brochure all about what boaters need to know.

TAPIT/new works I wrote the copy, along with most of the plays promoted in this general awareness brochure.


Preschool of the Arts Modified Capital Campaign I researched and wrote the copy for this fundraising document, working with the organization's board of directors to implement the campaign.

Environmental Assets I researched, developed the program and wrote the copy for this initiative, which found the common ground between business and the environment.

Yahara-Monona Priority Watershed Plan I wrote this summary of a 10-year action plan for tackling non-point source water pollution.

Marketing/Sales Materials

Yahara Lakes Week An example of marketing for the public good, I initiated and implemented the creation of "Yahara Lakes Week," selecting several days in June as a time to focus public attention on area water quality issues. This is a portion of the poster used to promote the week.

Better Lawns and Gutters I wrote the title and edited the copy for this handbook for truly green household practices.

CONTACT: 608.244.2938

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