Danielle Dresden's Plays

2017 Typhoid Mary, Patient Zero, and…the M Factor A medical thriller set at the intersection between personal freedom and public health.

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2016 Ben Franklin & Baron von Steuben vs. the Paine County School Board What happens when history speaks up for itself.
2015 Work the Act When a struggling theater company tries to re-invent itself as “serious artists,” the result is performance art straight from the Catskills, and unlikely success.
2014 Convenience  Comedy, opera, and a neighborhood connection.
2013 Now What      The Zombie Apocalypse set in a coffee shop.
2012 Take Care       If getting old isn’t for wimps, neither is taking care of the elderly.
2011 Bullying: The Musical A play about the ins and outs and finding a way through… based on true stories.
2010 The Food Connection; A BB Broccoli and Sweet Potato Adventure A play for young audiences, theatrical proof that vegetables can rock.
Help Wanted; A Comedy About the Search for Security, True Love or At Least a Decent Part-Time Job – A play about lay-offs, larceny and love – in that order.
2008 Mangia, Mangia! A play about a time when less was more, except when it came to food.
2007 Just My Luck A comedy about luck in airports.
2006 Tear Up the Front Page As timely as tomorrow's headlines, this
play tells the story of a journalist led astray by practicing business
as usual.
2005 Garden Party A comedy about gardeners both casual and crazed.
Source Code: Candide Roll over, Voltaire.
2004 Who's That Lady? Sketch comedy with a twist and a tap.
2003 One Wall Missing A play about security concerns of the past
and present.
2002 Syncopated Syndromes A comedy about cultural hypochondria.
2001 Questionable Origins A mystery with gay history.
FOG A 10 minute play.
2000 The Mystery of the Missing Word Theater for young audiences.
Changing Faces A comedy about the search for self and community.
1999 Soul Journey The story of one woman's passage through depression.
Athena, Live! The Oresteia as a television talk show.
1998 L'Chaim! A Jewish tapestry.
Better Than a Vitamin Cabaret of monologues, electronic music and tap.
1997 Happening Here A play about totalitarianism.
1996 Women of a Certain Age Cabaret of interlocking monologues, music and tap.
Playing with Memories A play about how what we remember and forget shapes our lives.
1995 Tap, Talk & Technology Performance, monologues, music, electronic tap shoes.
1994 Without Pity A play about a man and his times.
The Mystery of the Missing Word A musical mystery play about water pollution.
1993 Time Management and Narcolepsy A comedy for people who don't have time on their side.
1992 My Idea of a Good Time Political satire on social control.
1991 Truckin' Taps & the Mystery Maps Theater for young audiences .
Seeds of Promise A play about mythology and modern life.
1990 Hildegard & the Magic Onion Theater for young audiences.
Laugh to Live Performances and workshops for seniors.
Treasure Island A rock and roll musical, original adaptation.
1989 Tastemakers and Tasters Multimedia play about marketing and the meaning of modern life.
1988 Between the Acts A serial mystery.
Swingtime An intergenerational performance.
1987 Nothing But... A play about sexuality and censorship.
1986 The Adventures of Mighty Mouse An original children's musical.
1985 Frankie N. Stein: A Post-Modern Prometheus An adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic.
1984 Inside the Double Helix A biographical play about DNA researcher, Rosalind Franklin.
1983 Peter Pan A modern adaptation.
1982 Signalized A contemporary comedy of manners.

CONTACT: danielledresden@gmail.com 608.244.2938

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